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Businesses do not pay any start-up cost or subscription fees to activate a standard CareCap account. And, because CareCap manages the payment relationship directly between your business and the consumer, no costly credit checks are required for eligibility; the choice is entirely up to you.

Business Merchant Fee

Once your business begins collecting payments from a consumer, CareCap retains a small 3% Merchant Fee on each transaction, much like your current credit card processing fees. The balance is directly deposited in your bank account.

Consumer Management Fee

For payment plans, your clients will see a one percent (1%) monthly management fee applied to their remaining balance (equivalent to a 12% APR.) There are no penalties for early pay-off of payment plans, and there are no management fees on e-Invoices.

Consumer Late Payment Fees

CareCap collects a $35 fee from the consumer when they are more than three days late on a payment. It is assessed when both payment methods fail automatic withdrawal.
All fees are subject to change. Fee changes will only affect new Payment Plans, e-Invoices and Pay Now transactions originated after the fee change.