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The CareCap platform streamlines and automates payment arrangements, communications, billing and collections. It allows businesses to provide flexible payment options to their consumers and is built on secure, cloud-based technology. CareCap enabled businesses make their services more accessible and affordable to consumers who need a pay-over-time alternative – unlocking additional revenues, building customer loyalty and reducing administrative overhead.

Payment Plans

  • Complete control and flexibility over terms
  • You decide who to approve or decline
  • No third-party interference in the process
  • Set up payment plans that are custom fit for each consumer’s budget
  • Control the down payment requirement
  • Payments are automated for your consumers so they don’t miss a payment

Payment Processing

  • Accept payments anywhere you have access to the internet
  • No hardware or card swiper required
  • No software to install
  • Accept major credit and debit cards
  • Funds are direct deposited into your bank account
  • Ensure compliance with legal, security and privacy requirements
  • Schedule one time payments today or in the future


  • Deliver e-Invoices instantly, get paid faster
  • Convenient online payment for consumers
  • Automated reminders ensure invoices are paid
  • Funds are direct deposited of payment into your bank account
  • Go paperless

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Automated Notifications & Reminders

  • Send automated notifications that payment is due
  • Notifications are automatically sent until payment is made
  • Get instant alerts of changes in payment status

Cloud Based Platform

  • Process payment from anywhere you have internet connection
  • Set up payment on-site

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