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Following consultation, many of your clients hit that all-too-familiar cost barrier. It’s clear that they want to go through with your recommended treatments, however, once total cost is revealed, many are forced to defer treatment or make compromises to the packaged services that will deliver the best results. With CareCap, you can work with clients to define terms and set up a payment plan that matches their budget, allowing them to complete more treatments and achieve the results they desire. This, in turn, means improved customer satisfaction, stronger client relationships and an increase in return visits. Clients are not only more apt to add services to their original treatment, but also more likely to purchase specialty products. The result is a significant increase in the average total value of each client.

CareCap provides our consumers who are seeking longer lasting aesthetic solutions – which typically require more capital investment – the ability to enjoy the results they are seeking now, all while working within their budget constraints.

— Janet

Case Study

Download the latest case study from CareCap, about Medical Aesthetics practice Derma Med Spa and Dr. McCann’s 460% growth in just two years, in part by providing ‘pay-later’ payment plans to her clients.



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