Frequently Asked Questions

CareCap lets businesses customize payment options to make services more accessible

Why does my business need CareCap?

CareCap enables you to create additional revenue, build consumer loyalty, and reduce administrative overhead. By offering consumers a variety of payment options, your business gains an edge over competitors.

Why do consumers need another form of credit?

Today’s consumers have limited disposable income, making it difficult for them to obtain traditional credit. 63% of Millennials do not have a credit card and have an average FICO score of 628.

How does the CareCap platform work?

CareCap is cloud-based and accessible via any web-enabled device. It’s easy to create a payment plan, send an invoice, or take a one-time payment. LEARN MORE

Is CareCap a secure payment option?

CareCap is designed to protect both you and your consumers. All information is encrypted and submitted to our servers securely. CareCap meets Level 1 PCI Data Security Standards. Each payment is confirmed by email and archived in a password-protected portal that can be accessed by both the business and the consumer.

So… how does CareCap make money?

Once you begin collecting payments, CareCap retains a small merchant fee, much like your current credit card processing fee. For payment plans, CareCap collects a small monthly management fee from your consumer. LEARN MORE

How is CareCap different from traditional third-party financing?

You know the problems with third party financing… high fees, ruins relationships, and a difficult approval process. CareCap is different – we enable you to offer flexible and affordable financing directly to your consumers.

What kinds of businesses are using CareCap?

CareCap payment plans are offered by many businesses such as physicians, dentists, veterinarians, medical aesthetic providers and funeral homes. All businesses can benefit from offering payment options through CareCap.

How does CareCap ensure that my consumer will pay?

By taking a down payment and vaulting multiple payment methods the possibility of consumer default is reduced. CareCap’s automated communication and payment processing allows you to offer payment plans with confidence.

What does it cost for my business to get started with CareCap?

It’s free! There are no start-up or subscription fees.

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